Friday, July 27, 2012

Raspberry Kisses

The little lentil is obsessed with my burgeoning belly. He likes to look at it up close many times a day. And he is a little interested in my belly button that getting pulled flatter and flatter. I had to explain today that it is not a peanut storage locker. Literal peanuts. Its tricky to explain why we don't put nuts in mommy's belly button in one-year old vernacular. "Peanuts go in our mouths." Oops! "Peanuts that haven't been in mommy's belly button go in our mouths." Its a hard message to articulate without going NOOOOOOO, which I try to avoid unless there is real danger.

If I ask where the baby is he knows and smiles so big when he comes face to face with my belly. It makes me wonder what he could possibly understand. I'm betting its more and distinct from anything I can wrap my head around.

He also likes to compare our bellies. I show him mine and then he always shows me his. I am winning.

He also LOVES to give raspberry kisses to this little Z2. There is a part of me that thinks he just likes the expanse of skin but a bigger part that hopes the kisses will continue for years to come.

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