Sunday, July 15, 2012

I AMsterdam

Well, the Z-less Mammens are almost to Warsaw and what a journey we've had already. Its technically 6:45 in the morning but Holland would rather I believe its just before 2pm and I'm playing along. I might make a few grammatical mistakes though so pardon those!

We left Houston with only a few tears as it finally hit me that not only would Zayd not see me for nine days, but I wouldn't see him! Boo hoo!

We were beyond lucky, or maybe we just have a fantastic travel agent, but our first flight took us straight to Amsterdam in an 8 hour "overnight" shot. My midwives had warned me how long plane rides were tougher with a growing uterus and they were right! I definitely have some edema and cankles to prove it! I'm going to write up the travel deets (must be tired, have never said deets before) in my professional travel blogging venue, this is for mommy and Z stories. I couldn't sleep like I'd been hoping because I've hit that pregnant wall where you aren't quite as tired as trimester one so you just can't  sleep. Watched This Means War, 1/2 of the lorax, and 1/2 of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. I can't wait to finish Marigold on the flight back.

We got pretty rained out in Amsterdam. The two+ mile walk through Old Town and the Red Light District ended up being a shorter shuffle through the rainy streets looking for lunch. I, of course, had already picked our lunch spot and included it on our itinerary but it was a little ways off the beaten path and I didn't want to trek there and risk a worse downpour on the walk back!

Our first coffee house dedicated it's first menu page to pot, One Joint, Two Joints, or Four for a discount. The whole town was gorgeous though a little pot-stinky but Sam was adamant that a pregnant lady and two travellers subject to random drug testing back home shouldn't eat in a pot den.

A little ways down, we found Old World Hotel and enjoyed pancakes with cheese! Beemster! Delicious but not what I was expecting.

After a nap on a huge beanbag in (I would vehemently argue) the worlds best airport lounge area I'm ready to take this last flight to Warsaw!

No photography from the city but I'm happy to share a photo from my Schipol Airport lounging spot!

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