Thursday, July 5, 2012

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One crazy day back in April, I wrote to my best friend and said, "I am pretty sure you are pregnant." She was confused, and I simply said, "I don't know, I just feel it." I was wrong.

We talked about it all morning and she said she really didn't think so and we let it go at that.

Around came first nap and when I had some quiet time to myself I realized...wait a minute, maybe its me! Nah! Then while getting ready for our day, Zayd took the lone lost pregnancy test out from under my cupboard and handed it to me. Honestly. It was bizarre. "Good idea, lentil. Better test than sorry!" I took out a test from oh so long ago, and before I could set the stick down for the dreaded "two minute wait" a little blue plus arrived. Ah! This was definitely good news but a shocker.

I scooped up Zaydie, through on my running shoes and sprinted to the grocery store. I loaded up the stroller with two different tests (why do women always do that, the test is the same, the brand only designs the packaging!) and headed to check out. In my insanity, I hadn't brought my wallet. That was another trip to Mahncke Park. Some time later, I had my two test minimum and told little Zaydie he was going to be a big brother.

Now, on to telling the biggest Mammen. Hmmm. I did the photo booth last time so I definitely can't bring Sam within 100 feet of one of those without him suspecting something... I also thought I should incorporate the lentil somehow.

So, on April 5th when Sam got home, Zaydie and I were having a grand old time playing in his new t-shirt (created with love by my favorite Mahncke Park mama). 

I should have gotten a photo of Sam's face. The 2010 version is pretty spot on.

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  1. Oh come on!! I want to see the face! Can't we at least re-enact it?