Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Zayd I.Am

My little man is full of surprises, but I guess so am I!

After reading SuperBaby while pregnant, I decided not to let the lentil watch TV until he was two. I still think that is a great idea but with a baby on the way, I decided that having the ability to get 5 minutes with Zayd wrapped up in something else would be AWESOME. So, around 14 months we set out to see if the Z would watch some Sesame Street. Heck no. No TV for this guy, he'd rather run. Sam has been slowly introducing him to YouTube Sesame Street clips of songs and Mr. Mammen has hit the jackpot! A week ago I commented to a friend that Zayd watched nearly one minute of a YouTube clip that day. Today, we can't get the kid away! What's better, he dances the whole time!

We've watched this about 25 times today and Zayd was this excited everytime:

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  1. I absolutely support anything (safe) that gets him that excited!!! How cute.