Thursday, July 26, 2012

San Antonio Children's Museum

I am excited to be back with the Z and spending our summer exploring new things. My favorite purchase this season has definitely been the San Antonio Children's Museum membership I got for the Manny and I. Z is still free since he's under 2 and Sam seems more like a motorcycle museum kind of guy. :)

This first exhibit turns out to not translate well at home when your child is only one. "Yes, its fun to cook at the museum." "I'm afraid we don't turn on the gas stove when mommy is making lunch."

I think I have a little Russian Chess Master somewhere deep inside the Z-Monster.

But maybe he is all monster...

Zayd loves the grocery shopping and Mommy loves that he picks out all green veggies and a single can of Chef Boyardee Ravioli (for daddy I'm sure).

There is also an earth friendly house to teach us drought-survivors how to work with the lack of water in SATX.

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