Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Best Things in Life Part II

So, it turns out I have a very frugal kiddo. We have the light up toys and he enjoys them, but when a box shows up at the house? HOLD YOUR HORSES. WE ARE PSYCHED.

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Zayd's newest discovery is an empty kleenex box. You can put your whole arm in it and then wave it around - awesome. So, crafty momma decided to cover it in robot cardstock and pretend it was an actual toy. Get some blocks and we have a learning activity. We are working on the concepts "in" and "out". The block goes "in" the box. The block goes "in" your mouth. Your head doesn't fit "in" the box, so please take it "out".

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  1. Dear Zayd, You are getting so good at taking happy, smiley pictures! I hardly recognize you without your usual shocked face. Looks like you really love that box! I'm not surprised with such a creative mom that you have already found the joy in simple things. I cannot wait to see you and SQUISH you!!! Love, Auntie Ella