Sunday, June 18, 2017

They may look like Mammens but they dessert like Saleems

When my kids smile it warms my heart. Thus, I shower them with handcrafted local dairy ice cream, fancy slices of cake, French macarons, Mexican paletas and raspas, you name it. Frankly, I'm doing a terrible job in the limiting dessert parenting category. BUT I do work really hard to pick delicious, well-crafted and preferably super high fat desserts. My grandma swore ice cream was a health food and my dad eats it nearly every night. So, it's a family tradition, of sorts.

You might also remember that I ate a significant amount of Lick ice cream while pregnant with Ziyan. Now, he's old enough to start enjoying it himself. It tickles me pink how much he loves it.

After marching these exhausted overheated lentils through the Pearl Farmers market on this 104 degree day, I did promise them Lick. (Though I held firm, despite significant pleading, that we would not be picking up macarons from Bakery Lorraine  to top our Lick ice cream.)

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