Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Eid Mubarak

We started the first night of Eid by joining our cousins at their masjid for İsha prayer and an Eid bazaar. Uncle Amaar gave the kids candy for a 10pm snack, Nana bought each kid a neon light up toy and even our super-loved Nini joined us! It was fun to get mendhi all together and tour her around the mosque. (I mean letting her see their mosque but I'm sure the mosque was noticing her blonde hair right back.)

After staying up way too late, we woke the kids to open gifts and prepare for morning prayers. For the first time ever, I think Zahra really liked her gifts! A big girl frozen backpack, a frozen castle, and a paint it yourself cupcake piggy bank. Zayd is easy to please with Batman legos, pokemon cards, and magna tiles.

Eid prayers were great and the khutbah (sermon) was affirmative. Being a Muslim over the last year can sometimes feel lonely out in the regular world. The word isolation comes to mind. Eid, the mosque, and family countered that by enriching my feeling of connectedness to the good energy abundant in this life.

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