Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Ziyan is One!

My third little baby has turned one year. What a crazy, joyful year of growth for each of us Mammens. Zayd has taken on real responsibilities that make our family life run smoother and has learned how to voice his needs (because with three kids you can't wait for mom to figure it out.)

Zahra has learned how to be s nurturer and her heart has grown twofold. I love watching her seamlessly slip from being the smartest whip in the room to playing with Ziyan on his level and being silly in a way that makes him squeal with delight. Ziyan makes her seem both so big and so little, depending on the moment.

And my sweet Z3, he's given me those baby moments that I wasn't sage enough to savor the first time around. I snuggle him endlessly and he gives the best hugs. He's completely unapologetically attached to me in the most uncompromising way and that's just what a third baby should be. He smiles the biggest toothiest grins and has the plumpest alligator tears. He is happiest while kicking a ball around the house, reading about animals, or singing with mom. We can already see how he loves playing with his big Zs. He's been a trooper these past twelve months and he's proved that as long as he's got his momma, he's down for any adventure. He's friendly (my first friendly kid), curious, daring, and snuggly. So, so snuggly. He doesn't sleep through the night yet and still transitions to my bed late each night or early each morning. I haven't yet attempted to push him towards independence because with my oldest finishing up kindergarten I know now that everything comes. I don't need to move time along any faster than its coming at me. I have a lot I'm responsible for and on the list of things that make my family happy and healthy, abandoning nighttime snuggles just doesn't make the To Do list. Those were long-needed lessons that my last little babe has brought into my life. Frankly, they're still-needed lessons that I know I'll continue to grow into with the help of my warm, sweet Ziyan. When I look at the life we've built, I feel impossibly lucky. I don't long for anything else, and our "unlikely" #3 is everything I knew he'd be. There won't be a fourth and there doesn't need to be. He brought into our lives exactly what I felt was missing. How lucky the five of us are to have each other!

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