Sunday, June 18, 2017

Independence: Ziyan feeds himself...

... or call it what you will.

He truly loves holding the spoon.

I can see his thirst for independence in all sorts of ways. He wants to hold the spoon. He wants to use a straw to get water from a cup but is completely incapable. He wants to walk. He wants to feed me. And, all of a sudden, he prefers to sleep in his own bed all night. He still wakes twice, but wants to return to his bed. I loved the first night and even the second. But last night was the third night and I felt a little blue.

Luckily (?) the two other Zs were in my bed somewhere between 5 and 530 this morning, when this littlest Z and I woke up. So, I know they always come back. I will say Zahra almost never comes to snuggle, so when she does its a special treat. Zayd appears in the super early morning about once every week or two. It's perfect. I love these three amazing people. I'm so glad to have each and every one of them beside me...night or day.

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