Friday, July 22, 2016

Our First Family (+Ella) Vacation

A couple of weeks ago (three kids has me WAYYYY backed up on the blogging), we finished swim lessons, grabbed NiNi Ella from the airport and headed to Houston for Ziyan's first family getaway. Daddy stayed behind to work for this little getaway.

We had an amazing time in Houston introducing Ziyan to family and getting to spend some girl time with Nani, Ella and I (plus three tinies).

We had the most fun showing off our new swimming lessons at Quillian Center in Houston. Zayd was the sweetest big brother and helped Zahra. Both big Zs loved it and are still talking about it almost every day. We did the slide and even the diving board quite a bit (with mom there rescuing each jumper).

After a few days in H-town, we packed up again and headed to our family (+ Ella) farm getaway in Lockhart, TX. I cannot express to you how adorable this little house was. There were cows, chickens, horses, dogs, and good old-fashioned 4th of July sparklers. The kids loved it. We did a great mix of doing nothing (in the tradition of tiny towns) and doing all the things (in the tradition of the Mammens). Doing nothing includes: pushing the kids in the swings hung from tree branches, painting a new birdhouse, petting the farm dogs. All the things includes: swimming in the San Marcos river, running a Popsicle Race, and visiting old-town Seguin. It was a wonderful trip full of love and memories.

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