Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Mornings with Z3

I am loving maternity leave. It's Wednesday which means I'm halfway through my baby love and week. But it's okay I have another one just in one week away. 

Also I've just discovered that Showtime has a show called The Circus which is a documentary-style coverage of this year's presidential election. It's pretty much my favorite thing ever. How did Showtime know I would be having maternity leave and that the most interesting thing in the world to me as presidential politics??

I dedicated today to making a pom pom rug and I will show you as soon as I get one more roll of yarn. And right before we pick up the kids we're going to step out and meet a new expectant Mahncke Park mom.

One issue of concern is that my web research tells me my baby should be awake between 45 minutes and an hour every time he wakes up. Holy heck. This baby sleeps. A lot. I was really hoping it would say 30 minutes and then I could say, "okay I'm only 15 minutes short". Which I realize would be half...

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