Friday, September 5, 2014

Are they twins?

Let's start with this declaration: Zayd is very smart. Good, glad that is out of the way. Lately he has a curiosity that doesn't quit and makes up the best stories.

And another point of fact: I get asked about once a month if the Z's are twins. TWINS? I find it preposterous. They are nearer two years apart than anything else and its not like they are 30 where 30 and 32 look the same.

That all being said, I often say they learn things together. They started talking together, they started singing together, and now they have started reading books to each other together. (Books they have memorized obviously.) It is just the cutest thing. I will say that Zayd has much better style (he doesn' scream the words) and he remembers more words but they take turns reading each other books and I find it astounding. I think it is amazing that Zayd is "reading" and then when I consider that Zahra is also "reading" I get confused. I think that little lady is going to push them both to greatness.

The other day in the car, Zayd read Brown Bear, then handed it to Zahra to read. She finished the book then said, "Mommy, mommy, what do you see?" She went around the whole car. Sort of how we sing happy birthday to everyone and days end (Zahra, Zayd, Mommy, Daddy, Nani, Nana, Porsche...and if we are having trouble settling Umma Chi, Auntie Soni, Uncle Jon, and Nini.) Adorbs.

Here are videos of the kids reading The Monster At the End of this Book. Followed by the kids fighting. The videos barely tell the story because they are more interested in why there is a light on Mommy's phone, but for memories sake, they will do.

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  1. Your kids are amazing. I'm so glad I opened this up today! It made my whole day, and it's not even 11AM!