Monday, September 22, 2014

Lavender Tea and Traditions

I feel like traditions aren't what I thought they were when I was younger. When I was younger (counting from the time I started analyzing my place in the world until...last year?) I thought that my family didn't have any traditions. We came from too many different places and had too many different experiences to have "traditions". There were no traditional Christmas Cookies, we didn't take the same vacation every summer, we didn't have Thursday Taco Night or Pizza every Friday or any sort of food schedule that I can recall. Now that I have kids, I similarly lack the traditions that I feel the Texans around me are all busy cultivating. But there are things. Things that remain the same even though we didn't and we don't try. Nearly every night of my life there was Haagen Daaz Coffee Ice Cream in the Saleem household. Every. Night. And by the time I was a teen, there was tea too. 

Now I run my own household and dream of matching Christmas PJs (which I have successfully pulled off once), balloons on your birthday, paletas on Sunday, or any number of rituals that will make our house a "home". Sometimes, while you are busy planning traditions, you fail to miss the ones you didn't have to work for. These little Z's drink tea nearly every night with their mama. The best part is knowing that 186 miles away, Nana is probably drinking tea too. Traditions.

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  1. This is so funny! I feel like you have so many traditions! You seem to drink tea, have birthday parties, wrap birthday presents, go on vacations, fast, and regularly visit places near (Botanical Gardens in every season) and far. It makes me feel better that even you feel this way!