Thursday, August 21, 2014

One kinda day

Here are some things I accomplished today:
Ran three miles
Attended a brunch with the kiddos
Washed diapers
Washed dishes
Helped a favorite cruising client with her air reservations, floor seats to Cabaret on Broadway, and excursions dotting the New England coast
Went to my other job, even though I'm six hours over for the pay period
Packed a suitcase for the kids for their weekend at nani & Nana's

Packed up all of our baby books for baby cousin Dominic

Drove to buccees

Here's where I failed. I didn't:
Bring my wallet
Ensure I had enough gas to get to Houston
Or enough gas to get back home
Have any money in my car to get me anywhere

I am lucky to have a husband that understands that I look like I can do it all simply because I have a wonderful man who'll drive to Luling to bring me my wallet. And while that alone is great. Here's the best part. He didn't say a word about it.

French fries on daddy!

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