Friday, November 8, 2013

A Month of Gratitude

Today I am grateful to be in NYC with my two tots. There is so much to see and so much they are learning just as we walk down the street.
-Zayd now knows about the subway.
-As we were walking down the street in the flatiron district, Zayd exclaimed, "Oh no! The trees are falling!" (???) Then he showed us one of many leaves underfoot. Apparently he has never noticed/seen that leaves fall of trees in the fall.
-We went to the Children's Museum of Art and had an awesome time. They have a ball pit made of yoga balls!!, a flubber table (what we call gak or zombie brains), we made a brachiosaurus from play dough, played a ukulele, and made or second water color painting of the day. (Hint: the water color palette available in the target $1 bins now are a great plane/restaurant/diaperbag art activity that isn't messy!)
-Don't know if NYC deserves any credit but Zahra had been immensely communicative. She's asked for milk, more singing, and more food through sign language today. Also I asked her, "do you want one?" and she said "one" with a shake of her head.

I will say that nothing went as planned today, the condo we rented was flooded so we were "upgraded" to a 3/2 over a bar 40 blocks from our target location. ("Who would you propose I put in that bedroom? It's not an upgrade if I don't need the space!!!") We were locked out of our apartment as Zayd was crying for bedtime. We ended up eating CVS dinner of bread, smart food popcorn, pistachios, cheerios, and cookies. But, honestly, I'm going to wager that this happened for a reason. Maybe I don't need to spend so much time picking out a local grocery store, laundromat, and planning each and every restaurant out for the entire trip when I could be doing anything else. Maybe all that time will be wasted because of a flood. Or maybe all that time will be wasted because something better will come along. I guess that's what we have to find out. It turns out we are eight blocks from Auntie Sonia in this new setup, so we'll be heading there for pizza tomorrow night. So I am pretty sure that's hands down tomorrow's gratitude. Family.

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