Friday, November 8, 2013

A Month of Gratitude: November 8

Wowzers! Today in grateful for family reunions.

After a truly wonderful morning and afternoon, we headed to Auntie Sonia's for New York style pizza and some play time with Kyzer. When Sonia met us on the lobby, here is what she came down to find: not one but two sleeping toddlers.

I suppose the 15,000 sq ft Union Square Park playground, Greenmarket farmers market, enormous Barnes & Noble, lunch with an old Mawrter friend which included three handheld pies, two subway and one city bus ride and a New York City Opera thrift store run left little energy to last the brisk walk from Gramercy to Chelsea.  I'll post pictures soon, but in doing this post on my phone.

I really think I could live here... Short term. 2 years? Ugh. I just love it.

I will say while walking around today I was also keenly aware of how grateful I am to have had (what I will now term) my "Ella years". Usually I have referred to them as "after-college" or "when I lived in DC" or "when I was at Rice" but really there was one thing in common and that was the thing that made all of the adventure worth doing. We didn't really go out that much or live crazy post-college lives but we were really free and growing and figuring it all out together. And we did a lot of that growing right here in NYC. I love these kids of mine but I can't wait to come back without them!

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