Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Month of Gratitude: Nov 3rd - 6th

November 3rd: We are grateful for Case Keenum.

November 4th: I am grateful that Zayd ate three Chik-fil-A chicken nuggets and five french fries with a few sips of chocolate milk shake. Lately, I can't get this kid to eat anything and he looks gaunt as ever. The scale seems the same so I suppose he grew. It is so stressful to have eating be our most frustrating time together and a thrice daily event. Pistachios still seem to be making the cut so we have had a few handfuls of those each day. I see carrots working their way off the list, apples are pretty much out. He has had two cookies this week that he only wanted to hold and pretend to eat, but wouldn't actually bite.  French toast is still a winner. Gardein Vegan Chicken Nuggets are hit and miss but more successful than not. Asiago cheese is a definite win but he will cry at the sight of cheddar. Gatorade, lemonade, orange juice he craves but milkshakes or the new ensure I tried giving him were "me no like"s.

November 5th: I have a great boss and we had a great talk that I think will make everything about work and then a few things about home less stressful all around. I have really been lucky in the boss lane since 2010, I am 3 for 3 great bosses and I am certainly grateful for each of them.

November 6th: Ah, today was my last day of work  FOR THE NEXT TEN DAYS.  Let's do a two part gratitude bit here: work and home. WORK: I felt gleeful walking out of my office, like a teenager on the last day of school before summer. I also felt super comfortable leaving everything to my second in command so that is great. I am grateful to know I don't need to micromanage from NYC because the people around me are great at their jobs. HOME: I was so grateful to get home to two smiling faces and know that I was going to get to spend every day with them for quite some time. When Daddy got home, Zayd and I went on a special date together to the Bird Bakery. He didn't care which cookie he got but he needed it to come in a bag. He poured me a glass of water "with lemon?". And we sat. And I ate his cookie. And he held the cookie bag. I just couldn't dream of wanting more.

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