Sunday, November 24, 2013

The great pecan caper

Ah, what an insane three days we've had. It started like this. Zayd's had a cold since we left NYC. It developed, as they always do, into a wheezy cough adventure early in the week. Thursday morning he woke at 4:30am and couldn't breathe. He was a coughy wheezy mess. Two puffs on the rescue inhaler, and we were a.o.k. but that was the start of our day. Every four hours we puffed him up and it seemed like any cold he's had this year. In fact, we held a turkey play date with our Carnahan besties that morning.

By that evening, the albuterol wasn't working, he was complaining of burning in his chest, gasping for air, asking us to press on his chest, it was obvious that the baby couldn't breathe. After helping him calm down, we headed for the pediatric ER. At triage, we discovered that the lentil had no air moving in his left lung. Then we knew we were here to stay. That meant it was time for a gown, an IV, and a chest xray. We discovered his lung was hyper inflated and found ourselves admitted to the ENT wing. Long story short, we went in for surgery and our docs found a tiny pecan in the airway to his left lung. We saw photos and the whole airway was swollen around the little nut. I can't imagine how uncomfortable it must have been. Once the nut was sucked out, he was like a new man.

It was a trying and stressful experience but it was bizarrely nice to have nothing in the world to do but care for my first baby. Snuggling up together for nearly 40 hours, forgetting my normal to do list and truly being everything he needs was fulfilling. There was nothing better than seeing him smile in the midst of all of the pokes, prods, and asthma treatments and recognizing what a powerful gift motherhood really is.

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