Monday, November 18, 2013

Zahra turn(ed) 11 months

We have been on vacation. It's no excuse to be so late with Zahra's 11 month post, but it is the best one I have. No, actually, I was a bit too busy living my life to find the time to document it. Let's view it that way!

Zahra's 11 month-a-versary started in Manhattan a little like this:

Then we found our way to Pier 88:

And had this view from our balcony:

Eventually, we got back to entertaining the kids and found some fun spots onboard. Although she didn't get a crown, I'd say Zahra had a pretty enjoyable day surrounded by family and adventure.

Now, lets get down to what's changed this month. Maybe I should start with what hasn't. She isn't potty trained. Though she did pee in the potty a few times. I. am. not. kidding. It is hard to talk about Zahra because I feel like developmentally she is just the most astonishing little lady I can imagine. And I hate the way it sounds when I describe her feats. But this is the blog about her special day (that comes 12x/year) so lets have at it.

  • Zahra really likes to point. At you, at me, at what she wants. 
  • Zahra can sign a few words: milk, more
  • Zahra can say a few more: more, mama, dada, nana, down, head, no, yes, hi
    • One day last week she was struggling for me to put her down in the elevator on the Breakaway so she could go "have at" all of the buttons. All of a sudden, she says, "Me down". And I sort of thought, ha that sounded like "me down" but then two other couples gasped and asked if she said "me down". Well, if we all think so, I am betting she did. The me might have been a fluke. The down is here to stay.
  • Zahra can and mostly does repeat everything you say to her. It is so cute and a little crazy.
  • She loves "head, shoulders, knees, and toes" but has only found her head to date.
  • She likes hitting and it is something we are working on. Specifically she likes hitting in the face whomever has the pleasure of holding her.
  • When you tell her to be gentle, she gently rubs her own face.
  • She likes climbing out of her high chair but will often sit if I sternly say "sit on your bottom". She *always* glares at me and shakes her hand as she sits.
  • She is the snuggle bug that I always dreamed of having.
OK, its nearly 1 a.m. I must sleep. But first I had to sing the lolly's praises. 

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