Monday, September 16, 2013

Sensory Play Fail

nterest-inspired, Montessori-leaning, messy/sensory/motor skills play wonderland for my tots. When I come up with something awesome (Letter-inspired days, or the Frosty the Snowman bath we did), I post here and Pinterest and we can all ooh and aah and Repin. Today, I am going to post two recent fails so you can not waste your most precious mommy resource (time!). 

Here's the noodles I wasted a morning dyeing different colors. Weren't. Touched. Once. I couldn't get Zayd to dig in them and even after they dried out three days later, he didn't want to smash them. Zahra would even eat them. It's the only thing she has rejected. Zayd cries when he thinks he'll have to taste a noodle, so that wasn't even an option. Perhaps it's because I used pho noodles since I didn't have spaghetti? (I think that makes me weirder and hopefully more cool all at once.)

On Pinterest, you can find all of these fun art activities for toddlers, such as watercolor ice. 

It was a lovely treat. No art was made in the eating of the "paint". 

We also lost one onesie in the process.

We've tried our hand at Q-Tip painting and while he can't Q-tip paint quite yet, I would say the art part we mastered. Even if it never left the plate.

Wait a minute, he is on a call. But Nani is great at toddler art.

Like all of our projects, it turned into a stamping project. But I count that as a win in the toddler art column.

Now, something that we did, loved, and then did again: Suncatchers! When I asked Zayd what he wanted to make Nani for her birthday, he said, "An OCTAGON!" Naturally. It is just torn or cut (into shapes) tissue paper that we put between two pieces of contact paper and finished off with colored masking tape.

Here is the more professional second attempt that we gave to Nani for her kitchen windows. We are taking requests. If you would like an octagon for Christmas, just comment here.

What toddler art do you love? Zayd got scissors for his Special Surprise for getting 30 magnets on his responsibility board this week so look forward to art with fringe. We are eagerly awaiting Halloween crafts like egg carton spiders, cotton ball ghosts, and some new window art with a ghoulish theme!

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  1. 1. I want an octagon!
    2. Let's see the responsibility board! Sounds fun.