Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Lolly is 9 Months Old!

My goodness, where to begin? Oh, I know, she walks. Not in 4 steps like she did at 8 months 2 weeks, or 10 steps like 8 months, 3.5 weeks. She just walks without the need for qualifications. Her progress from the video on her birthday until today is unbelievable. It is insane.

What I love most is how relentless she is. She takes some pretty significant falls. And up she goes. This girl needs a horse.
  • She maybe says mama and dada. Probably. But its hard to know for sure because she still seems so small to me!
  • She laughs and laughs and laughs.
  • And mean mugs strangers in the grocery store. People try and try to get her to crack a smile and she is a stone cold stoic. That must be the Sam in her.
  • Clapping makes her happy.
  • She has figured out how to blow into Zayd's toy trumpet and it startles her EVERYTIME.
  • She eats. Perhaps I should include, She eats more than Zayd at almost every meal.
  • She weighs 17.5 pounds (25%) and is rather short, in the "more than 10% column". Hysterically, everytime we are in a store a few people remark, "she's so big for nine months" while others choose, "she is so tiny!" but everyone comments on her curly lashes. It turns out San Antonians have no idea what size a baby should be.
  • She is so endearing. While I recognize she isn't nice to most people, she is so sweet and kissy, and lovable at home with us. She LOVES to give kisses (an attempt to suck on your lip, I think) and I could just never have enough.
  • Her hair is coming in. Occasionally, she has a wispy curl behind her ears. AND I can fit a bow in her dark locks...but it looks ridiculous. Don't worry, I don't make her leave the house looking like this:

Here she is on her birth-a-versary:

Towering over her former playgym.

Contemplating lunch.

There is a hat in there somewhere.

Bored with the hat and on her way to new adventures.

You comin?

After getting her flu shot. It was a 2 binky moment.


  1. She is are such an amazing mom. Makes me wish I could go back and do it all over with you as the guide. Love you.

  2. She's incredible. You're incredible.

  3. @shannon-oh my goodness! How sweet. I definitely try really really hard and, to date, they're both surviving.