Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day - My new favorite holiday?

Let me start with a personal confession. Today I played hookie on a cause I feel very strongly about. There was an Improving Birth really at the Alamo and I skipped it. I have very very few opportunities a year to escape my parental responsibilities with my darling husband for an entire day, and rallying isn't really his thing. To atone for my bad behavior, I would like to share a link about the gap between the standard of maternity care in this country and what the evidence supports to be best practices. Birth needn't be scary, and empowering women with information about their rights and their options is a great first step to women everywhere having joyous births.

Now, on to fun... Sam and I went the Six Flags Fiesta Texas. What a great way to spend a day with the man you love. We laughed and screamed and sweated but just had the most fun. I had forgotten how much fun we actually are! I can't wait until Veterans Day but we definitely will find something that makes me less nauseous. I think Six Flags is a twice a decade event for Old Mrs. Mammen.

Now, onto the Z's (I didn't forget why you came!) We got to spend the post-nap afternoon doing a family adventure to the Children's Museum! I laughed out loud at Zayd grocery shopping. He insisted on getting one of every item in the produce department. And I quote, "one apple, one green apple, one strawberry (it's a bunch of grapes), and... uh... one of these balls!" Then comes my internal dialogue. Honestly, have you never seen an orange? No wonder you don't eat anything! Zayd can handily differentiate between T-Rex, Brachiosaurus, and Ouranosaraus but he has no idea what an orange it.

We'll work with on that tomorrow.

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