Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Zahra's First Zoo-venture

Though we have taken the Zs to the zoo together many dozen times, I think today was Zahra's first significant trip where she was allowed down to explore. Did she ever! It was great to have Zayd as her personal zoo tour guide. My only complaint is that every time I turned around, she was not wearing her shoes. Otherwise, this was the perfect early morning, late summer outing on a half-work half-mom day. I couldn't ask for more than getting to make memories before handing them over for nap time while I go manage my team. Today was definitely a good day for work-life balance (though they seem few and far between lately).
We spent almost fifteen minutes watching the Nile  crocodiles swim back and forth in their pond. I have never seen them so close to the glass and I would venture that I have visited them easily more than 100 times. Zayd had definitely never seen them so active and he was ENTHRALLED!

Zahra wasn't as interested and found other things to do (climb her stroller and throw her shoes).

The elephants were another favorite and Zahra shrieked at poor old Lucky for what felt like twenty minutes.

Sadly, also topping the list was the "not excavator" and "dump truck" that were loading grass for the African animals. We watched the men at work for longer than we watched the elephant.

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  1. I love that proud face on Zayd on the elephant! And Zahra's adorable little feet.