Sunday, September 29, 2013

Our First Mommy and Me(s) Vacation

It's over, our first minis&me family vacation! Sorry, I didn't prepare any of you, but we were attending a SECRET SURPRISE bachelorette (and my babies) weekend and I couldn't be the spoiler. (Hopefully my collection of tots was not viewed as a double dose of party spoil...for the most part, I think they were welcome guests.)

We survived a lot but also really grew closer during our six days away. I got to see my children really play together in a way that they just weren't when we left. I think the absence of anything familiar made them drawn to each other. I got to test Zayd's limits for change, and marvel at his ability to express himself, "me want be alone", "she hurt my feelings", and "mommy! Me frustrated!". He's a wonder, that little man. Zahra has evolved into the biggest snuggler. Auntie Lizzie couldn't get enough and neither can I! We only made one ER appointment but we canceled when it turned out Zayd *could* walk on his likely broken toe. He was just only willing to walk toward a new excavator. And we bonded with the people we love. Rhyan and Hayden are  both bigger in Zayd's heart. He has three new puppy loves. Miss Merrillee earned the moniker Nini. It was really hard and often stressful but I took these two tiny tots halfway across the country so they could come to love the people I love and cherish the things I cherish. It makes everyone closer and I couldn't ask for more. 

I felt a lot like a fireman emerging from a burning building as I stepped out of the elevator to baggage claim carrying two sleeping children and two backpacks. Like a boss. Or one really determined mama.

But now, I am going to sleep with no children wrapped in my arms and I am going to LOVE IT!

A round of sparkling apple cider on Z!
A round of sparkling apple cider for the house!

He can walk!

Here is Z1 while i make the ER call...

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  1. You know, it is so funny to read this and wonderful to know how it felt for you. From the outside it looks effortless, fun, and joyful. It was incredible to have all three of you with us-and we really missed you when you left! You are such a great friend-and mother. What a weekend! Come back soon!!!