Sunday, August 23, 2015

First Day of School 2015

I must say that back to school came off without a hitch. Fingers crossed that this whole year is as successful as our first day. (Or at least averages that way.) We've decided to keep both kids in three day-a-week programs. The truth is, it would be academically beneficial for Zayd to go five days but this is our last year left where we can spend two days a week just mommy and me (and sister) and I am not ready to give that up. Neither is he. He has at least 16 years of a full school week; lets just wait one more year to kick that off.

First, look at my lady. She has taken to calling me ma'am. And me calling her ma'am. All the time. It is adorable. This year she wants to learn about more Llama Llama books at school and when she grows up she wants to be a mommy. I pressed a little harder and she said she wanted to have a job where they pay her quarters so she can get lollipops for mommy, Rafael the Ninja turtle and Zaydie.

Zayd is just not the kid he was a year ago. I credit Montessori Schoolhouse, play therapy, and food therapy for helping him grow into quite a remarkable boy who has confidence, determination, and a soft, sweet spot for his family. He wants to learn about dinosaurs this year and be a Ninja Turtle (specifically Leonardo) when he grows up OR a paleontologist.

Zayd picked out both of their outfits for this special day. Go Texans! On day two they were excited to wear their Dolphin and Shark shirts that Nini and Uncle Jon bought for them on their recent cruise. I love everything about these next three pictures.

Z2: Are we done with this yet, Zayd? Z1: I don't know. (Sigh)

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