Sunday, August 30, 2015

An Urban Family Life

We had the most amazing, urban, Mahncke Park kind of weekend. It almost felt like a fall weekend...not with regards to the weather but with respect to my willingness to pretend it feels like fall and just get out with the kiddos.

Saturday morning, the kids and I (and a bit of Dad) ran to Commonwealth Coffeehouse (be jealous) to enjoyed very Mexican breakfast tacos with very French "pain au chocolat" and croissants. Delish. What do you like to do after a full fat breakfast? I recommend running 6.5 miles pushing a 60 - 70 pound stroller up and down the hills of Monte Vista. (Not really... but it's what we did.) The kids were great and we attempted to weave our way to Landa Library for the miracle movie we've been waiting not-so-patiently for all week: "Three Billy Goats Gruff". Yes, I could do a whole post on this little fairy tale, and I promise I will. The piece de resistance was finally here. It was the main reason my kids were up for such a long trek in the 90° morning weather. So, off to the library, then we swung back home with a detour to see a charter elementary I am considering, the zoo, a new egret habitat, and a playground. Really, I can't imagine having all of this at your fingertips anywhere else.

Sunday, we were no less adventurous. We started the morning with a walk for breakfast tacos, again. Don't judge. And a trip to FedEx office. Because who the heck needs a car when you have a double BOB??? (I should be honest, Sam made this trek with the kiddies while I slept in!!) After nap, we wanted to head to San Antonio's premier theatre, The Tobin, to celebrate their first birthday and visit the SA Symphony's Instrument Petting Zoo, hear the San Antonio Children's Chorus, and buy tickets to the gang's favorite shows coming up: some Sci-Fi production from the Tobin's EDGE series, and Wild Kratts Live. Not to brag, but because we live in the happiest place in the SATX, we were able to enjoy a wonderful bike ride to the Tobin and back. It was glorious (for me). It was a bit hot for Sam who's not from these parts and was pulling 70 pounds of kid in a trailer behind his bike, but overall we'll remember it as wonderful.

Either way, the weekend was peppered with runs, bike rides, urban gardening, tacos, tacos, tacos, and the Texas summer sun. I couldn't have asked for a better weekend.

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