Friday, August 7, 2015

A Very Merry Eid

My lentils are starting to understand what Islam is, the "we" are Muslim, and some of what that entails. They recognize the Azaan but thinks it means it time to open fast, or specifically time to drink water. They can replicate prayers but only Zahra can stay engaged long enough to not wander off. We have read a couple of great books lately on the subject: Muslim Child, Eid ul-Fitr, and Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns.

Our version of Eid looks almost identical to the ones of my childhood: donuts, family parties, crowded prayers in downtown Houston. With my kids, they get gifts (wrapped in Christmas paper) from me instead of money, but otherwise we persist unchanged.

Zayd enjoying his first rasmalai #desiforlife

I have yet to take Zahra for mehndi after opening our last fast of Ramadan. It is a great way to kick off Eid immediately and fun to be surrounded by the smells of henna, the colors of the new Eid clothes and the commotion. I am certain that once I expose Zahra to the whole ritual, it will be her favorite part.

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