Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Zayd's First 1K and a Nightcap with Zahra

On the day of our anniversary, we packed the morning and afternoon full with new and fun activities for the whole family. First up, was Zayd's first 1K. He ran like a champ! Frankly, he is a champ. I did a 5K like a Champ's Slightly Fatigued Mom.

In the afternoon we went to a new Pop Up initiative in an under-utilized but awesome part of downtown - St Peters Square. (My favorite independent theatre The Camero Theatre is there!) We shopped some of the independent vendors and I bought enormous sunglasses to mirror Zahra's bubble coral shades. We even dined at the Rainforest Cafe to feel like real tourists and get Zahra a little warmed up to mechanical animals pre-Disney. (She cried. It was foreshadowing.)

Lastly, we got Zahra nice and hyper before having Joe Joe come over to babysit for a few hours and try to get these kiddos to bed.

Here she is exlaiming, "I am four!" and then hysterically laughing.

It's almost like she can't believe she is getting away with saying this!

"OK, OK, I am two-sy" It is her new favorite number. It competes with Zayd's constant declaration that he is Four-ty. Also, look at this lady grow! She needs new jammy pants! Heck, with the midriff I guess she needs new jammies!

Finally, a little light reading "The Birthday Horoscope Book" before bed. It's the children's favorite. 

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