Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Six Years In, the Iron Anniversary

Our six month anniversary was earlier this month and we didn't have a lot of fanfare. We kept going back and forth on what Iron gifts to give each other (or ourselves, jointly) and ended up with, lets go to a good Texas restaurant (Boehler House) and enjoy live music. I figure there were brands on the cattle before they chopped them up for Sam's meal, and surely something was cooked in a cast iron skillet. Iron. Done.

(I promise to do better next year. We have been running 100 miles a minute and throwing these gifts in the mix just wasn't working.)

Our meal was actually amazing. I am always stunned that places with absolutely no vegetarian fare on the entree list can be my favorite. Let's be honest, I always want an appetizer and two sides over a veggie platter ANY DAY. The popcorn grits did not disappoint. (Other than not being made in a cast iron skillet.)

Then we took a short little stroll down the river to see a friend from high school perform at a wondrous coffee house/bar/outdoor music venue. It was pretty spectacular. I truly love this city and the lives we get to live here.

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