Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Zayd Writes! Zahra Puzzles! Both snuggle.

Today, Zayd told me he wanted to write his name. I have tried lots of different sorts of tracing activities with him, almost all of which met with little to no enthusiasm. But, TODAY, he wanted to write.

Success! (I made the Z to get him started. The rest was all him!)

And here is Zayd screaming, "I am proud!" We are making active efforts to improve his self esteem after weeks of him telling me he can't try things because he isn't good at them. (Breaks my heart!)

Zahra is speeding right along as well. Here she is tinkering with a wooden Montessori puzzle.

And lastly, despite all of their advances, they don't seem to quite grow up in this house. I know he is too old for a bottle and many would say she is too. But we just aren't there yet and if it helps them, I suppose it isn't hurting any of us.

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