Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Z's First Play

The kiddos and I and our 11 favorite people trekked downtown to the Magik Theater yesterday to see our first play: Llama llama!

As we talked about our adventure, I instructed the kids that we could look with our eyes and listen with our ears but we had to be quiet. Zayd protested that he intended to sing really really loud with his mouth. Sadly this performance was not a musical but I do intend to take him as soon as I find an appropriate option. Twice during the play he turned to me and asked when the singing would start. We have never talked much about the theater so I'm not sure why he assumed there would be singing but I probably mention the word play in the car as we listen to to our Broadway or Disney soundtracks.

Music or no, both the lentil and lolly loved it. In fact, all eleven children we had and the four mommies thought it was great. Captivated. That is the word I would use.

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