Sunday, March 16, 2014

Zahrisms: a Dictionary for Nani and Nana

  • Abba= Open (sometimes with the sign)
  • Bah! = Bath
  • Bibi = Binky (Don't give in!)
  • Bobo = Bubbles
  • Buh! = Bus/Wheels on the bus (especially if said while clapping)
  • Buh-ull: Buckle, she'd like to hook one
  • Elefa = elephant (usually with arm motion)
  • Head-knees = Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes
  • Lize = Lights! (She wants you to hold her near a lightswitch to flip it...1000x)
  • Mala-Mala = Banana
  • Tease = Teeth (brush them!) Sometimes it comes out cheese...
  • Zay-ee! = You guessed it.
There are tons of words she says properly but I won't go into all of their meaning (mama, daddy, nani, Nana, mine, eyes, nose, all done, night night, baba, cheese, shoes, socks, up, down)

And my favorite thing she says perfectly every time... "I know"... So very matter of fact.

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