Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The New Rar-Rar

Cookie Monster may name Om Nom Nom, but Zayd thinks he is saying Rar-Rar-Rar. And so, when Zayd wants a cookie (like his mother when does he NOT want a cookie?), he goes "Rar-Rar!". If you are lucky he rubs his chest for please.

It started with Pakistani Cake rusks, we had a brief out of Central Market Organic "Oreo" cookies, Trader Joe's Gingerbread Cat Cookies, tons of homemade options using oats, peanut butter and sunflower seeds, and now... Central Market Organics Whole Wheat Crackers with Rosemary. He calls them cookies and he wants them all the time. I can't decide if I should explain that these aren't cookies or if I should treat them as a sacred item. He is easily eating 6 a day but I would never allow 6 actual cookies a day. (Unless Nana and Daddy are home and then its a cookie free for all!)

Anyway, here he is sneaking as many bites out of as many "cookies" as he can:


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