Monday, February 18, 2013

Too Many Valentines!

We started this Valentines with a simple photo shoot on the couch of my first two Valentines for the day.

After breakfast, we hung out in the high chair and crafted homemade bubble Valentines! I let Zaydie stick the glue dots on and work the glue stick. He dreamed of operating the paper cutter but that will have to be a Valentine treat for another year.

Then, the love of Zayd's life arrived right outside our front window. The San Antonio Water Supply folks were out working on a broken line in the neighbors front yard. We spent the next hour and a half swooning at our window, on a blanket outside close to the action, and enjoying a bowl of popcorn like this was a matinee showing. There were tractors, and diggers, and dump trucks, oh my!

After I pulled him away from the show, we had our first stamping craft ever and decorated some simple  brown paper to wrap up daddy's gift. (Yes, sometimes Zayd likes to have a binkie nowadays.) See if you can spot Zahra - Zayd provided her with toys to play with as well!

Then Joe-Joe arrived and Zaydie gave him the Valentines we had crafted with love!

After Daddy got hom, Mommy and Zaydie went to deliver the cards to our neighbor-friends on our new WeeRide Kangaroo Bike Seat! (It is such a blast to have the little man on our bike and he LOVES it. I CANNOT wait for Zahra to get old enough for family outings on two bikes!)

And at dinner we all enjoyed chocolate covered strawberries and lip whistles courtesy of our #1 Dad!

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