Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Littlest Lolli

Boo bear and I went to her two month checkup this week, though she was technically 10 days shy of two months. (We were headed there for a prevacid refill and just knocked out two birds with one stone.)

Actually this was her first doctor's appointment EVER since we relied on the unsurpassed competency of our midwifery team for Zahra's first six weeks of life. We found out that Zahra is little. 10% for weight, 25% for height and 30% for head. Her head measured 15" making her finally the same size as Zayd's head the day he was born. (Though I think growing two inches of skull in about 50 days is pretty impressive, little lady.

She is healthy, save the reflux, and the cold she seems to be catching from big brother Zayd, and a joy to be around. She is also highly portable.

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  1. Hi little lady!! You look very balanced and snuggly!