Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Mustache You

To be My Valentine!

Zayd had a bit of a blue Valentine's Day as the beginnings of a nasty cold were nipping at his Valentine nose. Nevertheless, we headed to the Mahncke Park Baby Valentines Card Swap (skillfully planned by one dedicated Mahncke Mom). There was cardstock to make cards for the daddies, make your own candy bracelets, treats, and a bunch of kids dressed in their Valentines best.

Here are some photos from Zayd's FIRST Valentine's Day!

First, a shot of the Valentines that Zayd helped mommy make.

Zayd wanted to bring a rose to his little girlfriend up the street - she is a younger woman of only 7 months. So, armed with cards, cheesecake stuffed strawberries (make these!) and a pink rose, we headed to the playground.

When he realized his love wouldn't be able to make it to the park because her nap ran long, he shredded the rose!

We got a little playtime in, as well. You can see in those glassy eyes that a cold is comin'. My poor lentil!

Zayd had quite a spoil from the event. Here is his card holder that he showed little to no interest in.

On the ride home, the little lover read over the cards he received from all his friends. (And repeatedly threw his card carrier on the ground. Can you find it?)
Doesn't he seem like such a little man? Its because HE IS! Ah! My little Pepe Le Peau.

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