Friday, February 10, 2012

Zayd and the Zoo

I am not sure if I have mentioned this before but we have started going to the zoo a LOT. Like every week or every other week. We just pop in and check out one section or sometimes one animal and then walk home. I have never been the biggest fan of zoos (all those wild animals in such an unwild setting) though I do love to see Zayd discover what the world holds and there is lots of information about the preservation the San Antonio Zoo is doing so we go with it.

Zayd and I had an excellent time yesterday at the zoo. First of all, we were there when the gates opened and didn't see another patron for a full 45 minutes. It was a lot more like being in the wild than being at the zoo. The animals all had sleepy eyes and were just getting on with breakfast. It was as wonderfully intimate as a zoo trip can be.

We discovered the Africa Live (and Africa Live 2) sections and man was it cool. I thought it was crazy that Zayd couldn't have cared less about the elephant. The elephant was feeding himself hay and Zayd wanted to play with my keys. His favorite (as is always the case) was probably the birds. We have fallen for Cranes of the World, have a strong affinity for the Amazon Bird Paradise, and now can safely say that the weird duck and crane looking birds native to Africa are also on our list of favorite stops.

He also laughed and laughed at the Cheetahs. They weren't doing anything in particular other than standing around being spotted. Maybe its the spots?

And I suppose if we are honest his real favorite was the fake hippos.

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  1. Look at that hat! And those little feet! And the mini fleece! No wonder you can't walk through the supermarket without getting stopped! He's just too cute!