Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ten Months

What's new with the lentil:
  • He hasn't gotten much bigger lately. He is squarely wearing 9-month clothes. His 6-9 month onesies still fit fine and he (strangely) owns a 3-6month jacket that fits great. He's healthy and his head is pretty big, but his belly is gone.
  • He can stand! He does pretty good but would much rather hang on to something.
  • He can walk holding only one of your hands, sometimes one finger.
  • He says "mama" "dada" and knows the difference. He has also figured out the POWER of calling you by your proper name. He is a heart melter and he KNOWS IT. He repeated Nani this weekend much to Nani's delight.
  • It takes between 4 (typical) and 15 minutes to get him to fall asleep for naptime. His nighttime sleeping is still atrocious but the Queen of Baby Whispering would approve our naptime ritual. :) I call it a success.
  • He has gotten great control of his ten fingers! He has the pincer grasp down (only a milestone if you are a parent) (maybe only if you are a parent that reads a LOT about learning through play). He does high five, claps "very vigorously" (as one Baby Storytime Mom commented to me), waves bye bye (with both hands), and *almost* can sign milk but that is only in response to me signing milk not an actual form of communication.
  • His new wakeup time is 6 or 6:30. I suppose it is fine. He is going to bed earlier (6:30 or 7) so we just greet the sun a little earlier every morning.
  • He is devouring books and likes the ones with fluffy puppies in them.
  • He can almost stack his rings.
  • He loves to play ball and throw it back to you. Sometimes his throws end up behind him.
  • He wants more than anything to climb inside the dishwasher. Its a problem.
  • He loves his songs. He remembers some of the movements for a few of em - Shake your Sillies Out, Wheels on the Bus, Patty Cake. Mostly, he is down with the clapping. He's really blossomed at Baby Story Time. Whereas he used to sit in my lap and maintain eye contact, now he explores the other babies, climbs in OTHER mother's laps, and pulls on the teaches skirt to get her attention. It's a lot more work, but so fun to watch.
Ten Months down and a new BIGGER hat was definitely in order.
Here is Zayd trying to get a peek of his pops mowing the backyard.
On our morning walk!
The fruits of our labor. Zayd and I have spent a lot of time getting this flower bed so flowery.
We enjoyed a nice brunch with Nani. Brunch and eating out is actually getting a little easier. Zayd can eat FOOD now and he likes the experience of seeing new people and things. Especially if we can eat outside on a closed patio - done.

And finally, a little grocery shopping.

He really hates this hat. It might be a one-month debut to retirement run.

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  1. OMG! So much going on this month!! Look at him peeking at Sam!! I love love love love this entry! Thanks for all of the details. I <3 NY indeed!