Sunday, February 12, 2012


We are pretty much a co-sleeping family. Zayd goes to bed alone every night and joins our bed around 11. Not because we have failed to teach him to sleep alone but because we want him to sleep with us. It's not for everyone, but it works in this household.
Here are some of the things I wouldn't know if I didn't share my bed with the littlest lentil.
  • The calm, tiny, surprisingly cool breaths my baby takes while he is sleeping. I might forever need a tiny baby next to me after a year of sensing baby's breath on my face. It is like a drug. Its funny because I can remember when my dad would go out of town and I would sleep with my mom in her bed. I was much older and it was more about watching the late show together than about needing to share a bed. Anyway, I would try to position myself so no trace of breath could get to me. It seemed gross to breathe someone else's air. I wonder how long I have before Zayd is afraid of my breath.
  • The smell of his hair when he presses his head to me.
  • The way he wakes up and discovers every morning. Some mornings he wakes crying. But on mornings when he wakes slowly and with surprise to see my face, I could just eat him.
  • The way he will sigh and roll over, throwing his arm on to Sam's chest. If he were a full-sized person, he would throw his arm around Sam but at his size, just his hand makes it.
He's the best. And I can't wait until 11pm tonight when I get to bring him to my bed.

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