Monday, November 21, 2011

Look out, world!

It's official. After a couple of weeks of clearing a room by repetitively getting into crawling position and then sitting, Zayd can officially put one hand in front of the other and get where he's goin!

This video was shot a few days ago and the difference from this video to today is astounding. I will have to get another video up soon because the baby can really fly at this point. He seems to be catching on that he is capable of self-propelled movement. :) Dangerous, I know!

Something else worth mentioning in this little clip is how crazy and sleep-deprived I must be. I call a ball a balloon, I can't remember the Urdu word for sun (Dhoop!), and I trip over my tongue a few times. Really, its quite a testament to the level of exhaustion seven months without sleep can bring! Either way, I am happy and kickin, so just excuse my eloquentlessness. Yes, I said that.

And, as a preview, Zayd now pushes himself to standing and can stay there for a few seconds before he topples over or grabs onto support. It's only a matter of time...

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