Thursday, November 24, 2011

Im so grateful

Grateful for this sweet little lentil.

Grateful that he has started officially babbling and the 24/7 moan has subsided.
Grateful that Sam is finally buying himself a new car. He deserves nice shiny things!

Grateful that my El found a place where she's settled, happy, and looking ahead to a wonderful future.

Grateful for this wonderful neighborhood that Sam and I were truly blessed to just stumble upon. I always says that Bryn Mawr was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I definitely add Mahncke Park to that list now. (Just to be clear, Sam is on that list as well. That decision was just easy.)

Grateful that I have such amazing parents who my baby us just as fond of.

I'm grateful for Sam's family who has come from the ends if this country tosupport our fledgling family.
So grateful to have another wedding UN the works- congratulations Uncle Jon and Auntie Andie.
I'm grateful to have a job and a husband who support me unabashedly and allow me to strike my perfect balance of Mommy and mathematician.
I'm equally grateful for the Manny that makes this all possible.
I'm lucky and grateful to have my 36 favorite people coming for Thanksgiving.
I'm exceptionally grateful that they are coming tomorrow. I have 27 hours to get a meal for three dozen in the table. Wish me luck!

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