Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The First Woman President

Me: Kids, did you know today is election day. (They do.)
Me: And did you know that America is 240 years old and we have never had a woman president?
Zahra: Whaaat!?!
Zayd: No women?
Me: No, for 240 years every President and even every party nominee for President has been a man.
(Zahra growls.)
Zayd: Zahra could probably do that.
Me: Be a woman President?
Both: Yes!
Zayd: Yeah, she could do it.
Me: Well, there is a woman running now, and she might be the first woman President.
Zahra: No. She can be second. I'll be first.
(Zayd glares.)

Happy Super Tuesday to you all!

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