Saturday, March 12, 2016

Goodbye to the Z^2 nursery

Five years ago, some of my favorite ladies came to town to design what was then Zayd's nursery. San was working in Brazil for the winter and there was lots to do. It was MLK day weekend and the Oscars were on. The ladies brought an unbelievable amount of champagne and then drank it all. I remember so so much of that weekend. As a person who remembers almost nothing, I think it speaks to how wonderful it felt to embark on motherhood with my favorite ladies at my side.

Today, we destroyed the nursery into which Zayd and Zahra "came home".  They are getting a new blue room at the front of the house and our little Z3 will get a redone nursery just for himself (and houseguests). This house isn't big enough for everyone to get the space they'd like, but we surely all have more than we need.

It's been a long process just to get us ready to ready a nursery. Our office was dismantled. An office/closet was created and a new desk was built. We painted. As a family, all four of us, we painted. We painted dressers, desks, file cabinets, bedside tables, and finally the Z's room. And maybe you can tell if you see the splotches and the drops on the trim, but who's to say that's not exactly how my two Z's wanted it.

So, now I'm ready to pull the outer space themed vinyls from the walls and create a blank canvas for my last Z. (And then fill that canvas with propeller planes, hot air balloons, and those old timey bicycles where one wheel is huge and the other tiny.) I surely wish my ladies were here and I'll definitely be texting them soon.

But, in the meantime, it's time to purge. All of this stuff can't fit in a clean new room.

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