Friday, July 25, 2014

Two weeks, two trips, buffered by Sesame Street

We spent two weeks trekking along the East Coast recently and we have come a LONG way, folks. Frankly, it was a bit hard. (And every time Zayd freaked out about being in NY or Delaware, we thought, "what will say about Germany!!") BUT, it was also wonderful. Seeing our families in Utica and then at the beach was great. The time together was great. Sesame Place was a huge hit with the littles, and happens to be perfectly between Syracuse, NY and Bethany Beach. Who could've planned it better? (No one, that is why I am a travel agent.)

Here are our beach pics and I will follow up with the NY side of things.

One of my favorite things is watching the kids since we got back. They grew so much by being pushed outside of their comfort zone. Zayd went to the playground yesterday and immediately went up to a group of (much older) boys and just started playing with them and telling jokes. He was overdoing it, and I think the boys were laughing at him versus a friendlier option but I was so proud of him. This is our little boy who doesn't like change and has told me everyday this month that if there are new kids at school in the fall he is going to be mean to them. (Let's be clear on the fact that Zayd has never attended school so he is the newest kid and everyone he meets will be new to him.) BUT after a few playdates with his older cousin in NY and then endless late night hours of wrestling with his cousin Hayden, he has learned how to relate to boys...some. Or, at least, he wants to try.

Zahra has had some good with the bad on her return to Texas. I definitely slept in her crib three nights this week. (Bad. But her mattress is nicer than Zayd's.) Then I discovered that if I explain to her what I am doing, she seems OK with it. Asking her to lay down or ignoring her while staying nearby led to screams that led to vomiting; talking to her like a grownup makes her accept that its bedtime. Who knew! Amazingly, I can lay her in her bed awake (though drowsy) and tell her that I am going to get Zayd ready for bed and she says OK. And then, "bring Zaydie to me". (No lie!) She's asleep when I make it back.

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