Sunday, July 27, 2014

We Must Be Doing Something Right: Generosity

Last night in bed...

Me: I need you to get a good night's sleep, Zaydie, because we are going to Nani and Nana's house tomorrow.
Z: OK. Why?
Me: Well, Monday is Eid so we are going to celebrate with our family like Nani and Nana and Uncle Jon and Uncle Moon and all of the big boys.
Z: What's Eid?
Me: You know how its been Ramadaan (Yes) and how Mommy has been fasting (yes)? Well, the end of the holy month of fasting is coming and we celebrate with a holiday called Eid. We will visit family and you might get some presents. I will give you and Zahra something and Nana will probably give you some money.
Z: Really?
Me: Yes, we can go buy something with the money, if you want. You could pick out something.
Z: Can I buy presents?
Me: Of course.
Z: OK, but I am only buying presents for people I know, not for people I don't know.
Me: Oh! Who do you want to buy a present for?
Z: Uncle Moon. I want to buy him a helicopter.
Me: OK, get some sleep. We will definitely go get a helicopter tomorrow in Houston so you will be ready for Eid!

Here are some adorable pictures of Zayd and Daddy turning a big box into an Alien Robot.

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