Monday, July 21, 2014

A Very Happy Fourth

I am way behind because I wanted to write up an eloquent and thoughtful reflective piece about our fourth of July. Why, you ask? Because I am the ultimate patriot? Sadly, no. Because it was the best day ever? Not bad, but not super amazing. Because I owe you oh so very much for my lack of posting lately? Nope. No self pressure here. I have enough them pressure. :)

BECAUSE this is our last fourth of July for a while. We are packing up and moving to Germany circa summer 2015. I am pretty sure the July 4th's there will resemble the 3rd's and the 5th's. It is an exciting time here in the Mammen home as I craft our Pre-expatriation Bucket List and Sam makes a more traditional TO DO List. (Boring.) We are excited and have almost no details now, so we are working on enjoying the life we have a little bit more because we now its on to a new adventure soon.

BUT, the good news for you, is that we should have a lot more to post about. And you have a free place to stay in Germany from 2015-2018ish.

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