Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Ziyan is nine months

Our big boy! I can't describe how happy he makes me.
At nine months, he's zooming all around with the help of his trusty push walker. He was doing that last month too but he's faster and more determined now. He understands it's a tool that can take him to his destination. He sometimes stumbles a couple steps between two sturdy objects but I wouldn't say he's walking yet. So Zahra remains our champion walker forever more.
He is so helpful when I'm dressing him. He pushes his arms through and even pulls his shirts off. I am surprised by this and don't remember when this is supposed to happen... Seems early.
He says Mama. He knows he means me. He loves saying it. It. Is. Amazing.
He has those two adorable bottom teeth and four tiny top ones.
He weighed in at 20 pounds, 6 ounces so not really any heavier than three months ago but still squarely in the 65% and doing fine. The doctor suggested more table food since he should still be growing. (Please don't do the Zayd growth bell curve into a plummet, Ziyan!)
He's happy, dense, beautiful, and so interested in play. He loves singing, any kind of ball, and trying to get in on Z1&Z2 wrestling matches. He's ready for the world.

Here is some proof that he can say mama!

Also, I found this video that none of you have ever seen. He has stopped shaking his head no so much. And you can already see that he has mastered his voice. How quick these four months flew by!

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