Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Wildflowers last hurrah

I noticed the gorgeous wildflowers along the highway on our last drive from Houston, March 19th. Ziyan was overcome with some illness and we didn't dare stop to smell the bluebonnets, so to speak.

Yesterday, our friends from the other side of town happened to be in Mahncke Park taking professional photos in our wildflower patch, lovingly curated each year by neighborhood volunteers. It turns out that our patch is maybe the best patch! Who knew.

When I saw their photos today, I knew a short trek to the actual Mahncke Park that anchors our neighborhood was required. We are expecting hail and maybe tornadoes tonight, so the time was now (them).

Here are some of the better phone pictures I took. Nothing professional looking, but we enjoyed heading out at sunset. Besides, the kids really are so much happier climbing trees than generally existing next to each other anywhere else.

Also, that illness of March 19th morphed into two infected ears and a sinus infection for my sweet Z3. He isn't the happiest here, but he's still adorable.

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