Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Nini's Birthday Message

Well, Nini. It was a long sleepy day and our first day back at school and work. We didn't forget your birthday but it sure took mommy a long time to get this post up, now didn't it? Please excuse Zahra's runny nose. It was clean when we started taping. Also, I tried to cut it before Zahra hit Zayd in the face, but I am afraid your birthday post (also sung to the wrong Nini on occasion) ends with violence. Crying and maybe some counter violence proceeded after this taping and we were unable to make a suitable copy. Also, in my rush to post it to YOUTUBE amidst the chaos, it is called Birthday Mini instead of Happy Birthday Nini. So, I hope your day was better than ours. smile emoticon
Happy birthday!

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